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Branded videos that

Demonstrate and Educate

A well-crafted video can be your sales person, promoting your business whilst you get on with running your business. We understand that SMEs come in all shapes and sizes and we can tailor your video to suit your requirements. We are experienced at working with different budgets and we will work with you to get the most out of your video. We can work with you on one-off projects or we can create a schedule whereby you receive regular content on an ongoing basis.

Testimonials, Best Video Production Service in UK

Professional, bespoke SME videos for business

– Experienced commercial filmmakers for any industry

– Videos for websites, social media & more

– High quality, bespoke films that engage your targeted audience

– Promote a service, product, ideas or company message

How it all works

From Start to Finish

The making of a video starts long before we pick up the camera and it doesn’t end there. We offer a full production service that consists of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.  

Pre Production
Pre Production

At this stage, we will create a concept and a schedule. We will find a location or we’ll film on the premises if suitable, source any props and cast accordingly. This planning phase is crucial in order to achieve a successful film shoot.


In our pre-production discussions we will agree on all of the details before the camera rolls. This ensures we carry out the film shoot within the given time frames and budget. Depending on your requirements, the location can be anywhere from your business premises, a studio, inside or outside. 

Post Production

Once everything is filmed, we bring the footage to our editing suite. This is where the video is born. We carefully select the right music and add sound effects, colour correction and grading; anything that will add value to the production and make your story stand out.

Unique Video to Share
Unique video to share

Once your video has been through our editing suite and you are happy with your film, we will provide you with a MP4 file to share everywhere. Subtitles and 4K files are also available on request.

Naturally Vegan Food Company

The Naturally Vegan Food Company are artisan cheesemakers. They approached us to make a video to help promote their products and encourage clients to purchase in advance of Christmas. In keeping with the rustic image of the company, we decided to shoot on location in a cottage style home. The key message being that their products can be ordered early and kept in a freezer. It was also important to acknowledge the festive period without being too Christmassy. As it was a social media promotional video, it needed to be short; ideally under 60 seconds. In the first few frames, we quickly established it was the lead up to Christmas using wrapping paper and scissors. We showcased the product packaging, the range of flavours available and the key fact; the cheeses can be frozen. To achieve this, we created a scenario where the actress opened a ‘just received box’ from Naturally Vegan Food Company. She proceeded to write a playful note with instructions. Finally, to include the necessary information about the promotion, we overlaid the film with motion graphics.

Pre-production planning session

1.5 Days Filming on Location

Editing and finalising

HD MP4 Files

Pre-production planning session

1.5 Days Filming on Location

Editing and finalising

HD MP4 Files

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