Lights, Camera, Theatre!

Experience the magic of live theatre from the comfort of your own space! Our Live Theatre Filming Service captures the essence, emotion, and dynamism of stage performances, bringing them directly to your screen. Utilizing state-of-the-art camera technology and sound equipment, we ensure every gesture, dialogue, and set detail is vividly brought to life.  Our service offers an immersive viewing experience, making you feel as if you’re seated right in the front row. 

We bring the theatrical experience to screens of all sizes. Perfect for promotions, archives, or wider distribution, our service ensures the artistry of live theatre is never missed.

Digital theatre

We work with you to create original shows

More and more performances are being captured on video, as well as being performed for a live audience – this gives the viewer ultimate flexibility in how they can watch your shows. That means that theatre can be more accessible than ever before.

Throughout our previous life as theatre practitioners, we gained experience in creating pieces of theatre for video and we understand the intricacies that it entails. We are uniquely placed to capture the performance you want in a way that suits your piece.  We can capture a performance, workshop, or help you create an original theatre piece exclusively for a digital audience.


Your subject matter, told in your way but brought to life by us

We have worked on a wide variety of documentaries with varying themes and topics. They do however have something at the heart of every one of them that ties them all together; the human story. Our aim is to always capture the emotion of the subject, whilst also relaying facts to create riveting and informative documentaries that are suitable for a wide audience. 

We have a unique approach to both animation and editing, making a bespoke, engaging film – and these can be in short or long form.

Creative collaborations

whatever your concept or dream, we work with you to bring it to life

RYG Films pride ourselves on being sympathetic and sensitive to your visions, ambitions, and audience, and collaborate to make the best video we can.

We have worked with a variety of different community groups – young people in care, people recovering from substance abuse, and those with learning differences to name but a few.  We have also worked on commissions and projects which have been funded through Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage fund as well as local community funded organisations.

If you have a creative vision, we can support you in making the film or video that you want.

Have A Project In Mind?

Contact us today to get started on your new project. We always like to think outside the box.