How to create an impact with video as a small business?

As a small business it’s easy to see the bigger budgets of larger organisations and feel overwhelmed and intimidated, what’s the point of even trying to compete.
But small businesses still have the opportunity to go viral with a video, due to the way social media is changing, so using video in your marketing is crucial – you can reach new potential clients, appeal to a new audience, and engage with customers you already have.

People shy away from using video because they think it requires a lot of equipment, expertise, or time, but it doesn’t have to. Working within a particular timeframe or budget is what video production companies do best, meaning you get the video you’ve been looking for without the stress and responsibility of having to go it alone.
Putting a video onto your website can completely change the layout and the message you’re trying to get across – a page of words can say so much, but video can create something more personable and professional, and give a visual and colourful view.

There are a few types of videos that can be effective, and we feel it’s important to try and integrate these into your website, social media, and other marketing that you do:

• A brand awareness video is key in explaining who you are and what your business stands for – you can talk passionately and emotionally about why you set up your business and why it’s important to you. People buy from people, and they buy from companies who align to their personal values.
• Testimonials and recommendations are key for any small business, as customers want to trust the businesses they buy from. Getting past and current clients to talk about their experiences with you can allow people to see who you are as a company and what you would be like to deal with. Transcripts from these videos can also be used for social media and other forms of marketing – the possibilities are endless.
• Product videos can give your audience and in-depth look at what you sell and allows you to talk affectionately and passionately about it. Words can give an explanation, but video can show the emotion and enthusiasm you have for everything you’re offering to a potential customer.
• Videos showing the process can be fascinating for potential clients and can create a real impact for a small business. If you have a unique product or service, people can be intrigued by it – giving them a behind-the-scenes view can be both enlightening and very useful in your marketing.
• Showing customers that you’re an expert in your field can be a real winner. Videos where you break through technical jargon or dispel certain myths with your industry can build trust with clients and show that you really know your stuff. People want to do business with those that they have confidence in, and this is the perfect way to show that they can have confidence in you, and what you can do for them.

You can use videos on your social media feeds, they can be edited down to create snippets for people to consume quickly and conveniently; you can add them to your website – especially the brand awareness videos; or you can use them in email marketing. Video can be impactful and effective, and most videos can be easy to set up and implement. We can show you the best way to get your message across to clients and get the most out of the budget you have available.

Running your own small business can be quite a lonely road to travel but equipping yourself with a network of trades and industries where you can outsource certain responsibilities and projects to can be invaluable in the success of your company. And video marketing is no different, we can take the stress away for you, meaning you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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