Why call in the professionals?

With the rise of social media, the improvements in mobile technology has also dramatically changed… everyone’s a photographer/ videographer now!
As much as the technology has made things a bit easier and simpler, there are times when using a professional video production company will get you unparalleled results – you pay for far more than just a video.

• An experienced company will have a wealth of knowledge covering a vast number of industries, so they know what would and should work best for you. Your ideas will give them a starting point, but the experience they bring to the table can transform your vision to a finished product.
• They can produce clean, stylish footage for you to use however you wish – you can use snippets, take a transcript, or even publish the whole video for everyone to see. The viewer will see everything you want them to see, and you can talk passionately about the subject which can create a beautiful marketing tool that can draw people in.
• Recording your own videos can rely on so many different variables – lighting, sound, location etc. – a video production company can help you with all of this! It’s their job to have all the equipment that’s required, which can often save you money – you don’t have to purchase speciality equipment that you’ll use once and then leave to gather dust.
• It looks a lot more professional – have you ever tried to record your own promo video, and replayed it back to realise your hand was wobbling the whole time, the noises in the background are louder than you speaking, or the picture is too dark to get the full effect of what you were after? The post-production edit is where the true benefit can be priceless – we can’t perform miracles, but we can polish the video up to showcase you and your products/ services in the best possible way.
• We can also save you time – the pre-production, the shooting, and then the post-production all take time… which a lot of small business simply don’t have. And we can get the job done quicker with us in charge! When we talk through the project at hand, we get an idea of timescales from you, and we’re there to keep you accountable for getting the job completed – the quicker you can get the video done, the quicker you can use it in your marketing to generate more interest and income.

We know it can be hard to take our word for it, mainly because we’re a video production company… of course we’re going to suggest getting a professional to do the job. But it’s important for you to find the right company for you, your business, and the goal of your marketing campaign, so it’s important to do some research when you’re thinking of using video in your marketing.

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